How to Save Gasoline in 8 ways

Gas prices are a lot higher than we’ve been used to in months. So it makes sense that everyone tries to save as much fuel as possible. We have eight tips for you that will definitely help you. 8. Be careful and keep your distance If you are constantly alert in traffic, you brake and … Read more

How to Use Silica Gel Packets?

  Do n’t just throw these out! We’ve all seen them the little white sacks with small balls in them. Chances are, you presumably have thrown these out when you set up them in your new shoes or in the bag you just bought. But did you know there are some surprising effects you can do with these little bags? What’s it?So the name of the stuff in the sacks is silica gel. And silica gel absorbs humidity. That means when you order shoes or some other package, the silica gel sacks are there to make sure your new item does n’t get damp. One surprising fact about these small balls, is that they’re actuallynon-toxic. So indeed though the poke always says you shouldn’t eat it, this warning has nothing to do with … Read more