How to use aluminum foil in the best way

Ever heard of these tips for using aluminum foil? Everyone has at least one roll of aluminum foil in their kitchen drawer somewhere. It’s great for packing lunches or baking things in the oven, but have you ever heard of any other nifty hacks?

We’ve collected them in a list, from hack removal to technical fixes. Do you already use them all? After reading this article, you probably will! Top tips for using aluminum foil. You can’t live without them!

Improve your Wi-Fi

We’ve all seen it: you’re sitting in the corner of your backyard trying to watch a video or upload a photo, but everything happens at a snail’s pace. Chances are you’re where Wi-Fi isn’t working. It’s a nuisance because now you have to get up and go to the router to fix it. But guess what?

With a little film, that’s a thing of the past forever. Just take a folded piece of aluminum foil and place it behind the router. This sends any signals going in the wrong direction in the right direction, making the signal much stronger.

Cleaning the pan

Do you have a pan that cannot be cleaned? Maybe you accidentally burned something or you just didn’t wash the dishes fast enough. Soap and a scrubbing brush are often not enough to remove dirt, but aluminum foil will do the trick. All you have to do is put some baking soda in a pan with some water.Then you rub it with aluminum foil and voil√†: the stains disappear like snow in the sun. Not only pans can be easily cleaned with aluminum foil. Dirty dishes can also help with the rest.

Aluminum foil with Dishwasher

This tip is for anyone who owns a dishwasher. Knives, forks and spoons in particular often look dirty when pulled out. The aluminum ball ensures they come out clean. Thanks to the chemical reaction between the aluminum foil and the detergent ingredients, your cutlery will look like new.

Very useful, right? Aluminum foil is extremely useful for cleaning, but that’s not all. Its strips can also help relieve some ailments. Do you suffer from headaches, joint pains or colds?

Aluminum foil is the perfect solution.

It may sound crazy, but if you wrap your feet in aluminum foil, these problems will go away. Put it on at night and don’t take it off when you sleep. After a few nights you will find that the pain or cold is gone. Crazy, right?


Cleaning the grill

Ready to grill, but the grill is still dirty from the last use? Cleaning that grid can be a horrible job…but not when you’re using aluminum foil. All you have to do is break and rub the film a little. As a result, the burnt leftovers disappear like snow in the sun.


Convenient for pouring

paint Does your home need paint? Next, add foil to your brushes and paint cans.This way you avoid subsequent cleaning work. If you put aluminum foil in the can before pouring the paint, you only need to remove the aluminum foil from the can after painting instead of cleaning the entire bowl. Painting Some painting jobs are more difficult than others.

But it’s more difficult to paint around the doorknob or handle. Painter’s tape doesn’t help much here, but aluminum foil does. Just take some aluminum foil and wrap it around the doorknob and voila – no more worries.

 Protect your car

keys Nowadays almost everyone has a car key that allows you to open your car remotely.Typically, the signal isn’t that strong and only works over a short distance, but some clever thieves have found a way to hack into keys and boost the signal. This makes it easier for them to unlock the car remotely. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this. All you have to do is wrap your keys in aluminum foil. This blocks the signal, which means thieves are lucky.

Sharpening Dull

Scissors Do you have scissors nearby that are too sharp to cut properly? We have a hack for you that will make them look brand new in no time. All you need is aluminum foil, of course. Fold in half several times until you have eight layers.Then cut it several times with scissors and you’ll find it sharpens instantly. Still not satisfied? Try cutting a piece of sandpaper a few times and see how it works!

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