The shape of your eyes says a lot about your personality

It’s not just the color of your eyes that says a lot about your personality

Happiness, pleasure, sadness, lies and anger – you can see it all in someone’s eyes. The eyes say a lot about certain emotions. It’s good to know this because that way we can often know how the person is feeling without their knowledge. But not only emotions but also information about a person’s personality can be gained from examining the shape of his eyes. Curious? We explain it to you.

  1. Almond eyes

Slanted-eyed people generally have warm and friendly personalities. If you have slanted eyes, you are most likely loved and do everything in your power to help others. However, you can be a little private, making it difficult for people to get to know you well. Try not to take everything too seriously and release the brakes a little more often.

2. Small eyes

Do you have small eyes? Second, you are very good at focusing on yourself. You have a critical, analytical and serious attitude towards life. You are often the smartest person in the group and people ask you to solve complex problems. Some may think you have no emotions, but nothing could be further from the truth.

3. Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes may not be the right word, but your eyes are not hidden in their sockets. Your eyes are there – and they are beautiful! – and they say that you are a kind and gentle person. You have a small circle of friends and family around you. These people are everything to you and you never lose sight of them.

4. Sunken eyes

Are your eyes a little more sunken in their sockets? Then you are the type of dreamer who can play alone. You seem a little mysterious to the outside world. However, that doesn’t mean anything bad. You are romantic and when you know someone very well, you show yourself completely.

5. round eyes

If you have round eyes, you are full of creativity. You are an open, emotional and enthusiastic person. You often stand out in large groups because you have a lot of charm. Sometimes people with round eyes are a bit clumsy.

6. big eyes and small eyes

The size of your eyes is an indication of how you see the world and how you react to it. Bigger eyes are associated with openness, passion, and creativity. People with larger eyes tend to be more empathetic and emotionally act on logic. On the other end of the spectrum are small eyes, signifying someone who is more pragmatic and calculated. As smaller eyes suggest, you are hyper-focused without being easily distracted. Logic, intelligence, and functionality are paramount to the way you live your life. Since emotions are subordinate to logic, many people with smaller eyes can be viewed as distant and cold; however, this is a misconception. Just because you don’t allow your emotions to control your life doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions

7.Round and almond-fashioned eyes

Just as size can tell something about a person’s personality, so can the shape of the eye. Those with round eyes tend to be more creative.This is a close cousin of big eyes as emotions play a big part in this personality. With this heightened imagination, mood swings and impractical thoughts can arise if emotions are not kept in check.People with almond-fashioned eyes are extra cautious. This is not necessarily a bad thing as they are also usually associated with compassion and positivity. This caution actually leads to a more balanced life because it is easier to stay calm in situations even as you’re prepared.When each of those eye shapes are pronounced, they each exude an amazing mystique that fascinates others.

8.Eyes closed and separated

Distance is the subsequent element to don’t forget while the use of eyes to are expecting personality. Closed eyes indicate one who is content with routine and is a traditionalist. These people don’t want change as much as others. Because of this rigidity and routine, extreme focus and discipline is a symptom.You may not be spontaneous, but you will feel comfortable and secure in your life pattern. Wide-set eyes are a bit the opposite of close-set eyes. People with a greater viewing distance tend to be more flexible and impulsive. The need for order just isn’t there and they find happiness in the unknown and in exploring life.

9.Protruding or sunken eyes

For those with deeper eye sockets, they are generally more romantic and intimate.Although it seems like this person is an open book, she also has a mysterious nature. They like to hide their true feelings and only open up to those who are really close to them. A person with eyes sticking out of orbit will be kind and sensitive. They usually have a worrying and pessimistic nature, but they show the nature of an extrovert.

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