How to Use Silica Gel Packets?


Do n’t just throw these out!

We’ve all seen them the little white sacks with small balls in them. Chances are, you presumably have thrown these out when you set up them in your new shoes or in the bag you just bought. But did you know there are some surprising effects you can do with these little bags?

What’s it?
So the name of the stuff in the sacks is silica gel. And silica gel absorbs humidity. That means when you order shoes or some other package, the silica gel sacks are there to make sure your new item does n’t get damp. One surprising fact about these small balls, is that they’re actuallynon-toxic. So indeed though the poke always says you shouldn’t eat it, this warning has nothing to do with the gel being toxic. But that does n’t make them food and you should n’t be eating them either way. They ’re still a choking hazard and could contain other dangerous chemicals.

1. Auto

still, they could be of use in your auto, If these little sacks are waterabsorbent.However, silica gel might just be the result you need, If you detest condensation on your auto windows. Just take some of these sacks and put them on the dashboard. When you do this, they ’ll absorb all of the condensation on your windows and you ’ll be suitable to see everything. That will make a quick flight in the morning that much easier!

2. Rice

You presumably know that when you drop your cherished phone in the restroom, rice will help you revive it. But what if you do n’t have any rice with you? That’s when your silica gel sacks will save the day. They work just as well as rice and before you know it, you ’re back online!


3. Jewelry

Do you like your jewelry to be candescent and gold? Just like when you bought it? also silica gel will also help you keep them thatway.However, they will discolor ultimately, If you put your jewelry in a dampenvironment.However, humidity wo n’t stand a chance and silica gel will help to make your jewelry look candescent and new all time long!
If you put a poke of silica gel in your jewelry box.

4. Polaroids

still, also you do n’t want those to fade, If you’re a little old academy and still have polaroid filmland of your favoritememories.However, the filmland will stay clear and enough, If you put some silica gel sacks between the runners of your print compendiums . Allowing you to enjoy all of those recollections for numerous times to come.
As it turns out, the sacks of silica gel  can actually be extremely useful. We go that you won’t just throw them out coming time!

5.Store a wet cell phone

Silica is the best way to remove moisture from a wet phone. Simply wipe off the excess water with a soft cloth and disconnect the battery. Store your phone and battery in the zipper pocket and put the silicone gel case inside. Leave it overnight and turn it on the next morning.

6.Razor Blade Care

Keep all your razor blades in a jar and place a silicone gel pouch inside.You will be surprised that the blades never dull and are ready for use for a long time.

7.Protect your cutlery from dulling

Due to the humidity in the environment, the cutlery easily tarnishes. You can easily avoid this by using these little silicone gel packs.

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