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Do you have bags under your eyes?try those tricks



This can make the situation worse. It’s not just the lack of sleep. If you’ve had a restless night, you might wake up with extremely puffy eyes.Lack of sleep reasons darkish circles beneathneath the eyes. But lack of sleep is not the only cause of bags under the eyes. Find out what can also cause puffy eyes.

If you rub your eyes too much

You can irritate them. And it will cause dark circles under the eyes. When you rub your eyes hard, the tiny blood vessels rupture, causing the bags under your eyes to appear much darker.


If your parents have bags under their eyes, chances are you do too. Some people are genetically predisposed to puffy eyes. Especially if you have light skin. If your skin is clean, your blood vessels will be visible on your skin. And it causes blue or purple circles under the eyes.


While it can be nice to snooze the alarm clock for just ten minutes in the morning, it can lead to puffy eyes. When you sleep, oxygen-rich blood collects under your eyes. And if you sleep longer, the blood stays there longer. Causes puffy eyes.


Eating a lot of salty food or smoking can make bags under your eyes worse. Then take a look at your eating habits and lifestyle. Perhaps even a small change in diet or lifestyle can significantly reduce bloating!

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