Putting Toothpaste On Pimples: Is It A Good Tip?

Among all the recipes and natural tips handed down from generation to generation, is that of the toothpaste that heals pimples really justified? What were those who inspired this idea based on? On two things, the need to dehydrate and the need to disinfect.

  • The Active Ingredients Contained In The Toothpaste

Toothpaste has a reputation for curing pimples and pimples, especially acne.

This is because acne usually appears on oily skin and toothpaste contains dehydrating agents

  • Disinfect The Button

It is mainly the emollient action of the baking soda present in toothpaste that is sought in this practice. Indeed, by softening the epidermis, bicarbonate promotes the flow of pus. However, it is precisely in the pus that all the microbes and bacteria that cause rashes are found.

Additionally, the antibacterial agents included in toothpaste formulas are said to permanently destroy these same bacteria.

  • A Drying Effect

This same baking soda, alcohol or fluorine have a dehydrating action, of course. But, unsuitable for the skin, these products disrupt the natural pH and can cause skin problems such as rosacea, eczema or other allergies.

Fluoride, meanwhile, can even promote a crisis of perioral dermatitis.

  • Is Toothpaste Really Suitable For The Epidermis Of The Facial?

Baking soda (or the silica that is also sometimes found in toothpaste) is also and above all an abrasive agent.

In addition, toothpaste still contains other components that are much less suitable for the epidermis.

Fluoride to strengthen the enamel can irritate the skin and cause itching or even allergies.

Sulphates. Namely that Sodium Lauryl, for its part, promotes the appearance of comedones, because it promotes the production of sebum. The skin will therefore ultimately be oilier, which, in our case, is the exact opposite of the desired effect.

Bleaching agents (hydrogen peroxide, for example) absolutely not suitable for the skin.

Not to mention all the products contained in colored or ball toothpastes which can be highly allergenic.

  • To Each Remedy Its Solution

Finally, the only expected beneficial actions are to dehydrate and disinfect the area where the pimple appeared.

The toothpaste is intended for rapid action with immediate and abundant rinsing, and in no case for prolonged use.

This is why it is much more prudent to use a product adapted to the skin and in particular to that of the face, which is particularly reactive for some people.

In particular, you can take a lotion for oily skin, a hydrosol or a thermal spring water spray.

The ideal is to seek advice from your pharmacist or consult a dermatologist.

  • For The Irredibles Of Toothpaste

The only advice that can be given for people who absolutely want to use toothpaste to treat their pimples are:

  1. Choose a white toothpaste (without any coloring).
  2. Ideally, an organic toothpaste.

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