Is It Okay to Have Crushes While in a Relationship?

It doesn’t have to be the end of your long-term relationship For some people, their partner’s infatuation with someone would automatically mean the end of the relationship for others. They believe that when the person they love develops feelings for another person, it is a red flag. But that doesn’t have to be the case, … Read more

Don’t wrap leftovers in Aluminum Foil , get to know Why.

  Will you always wrap food in plastic wrap? If you have leftovers and don’t have Tupperware available for storage, aluminum foil shines always a good solution. Some restaurants still wrap leftovers in foil. But it turns out that’s not a good way. According to experts, this can harm your precious food. Oxygen Oxygen is your food’s worst enemy. Where oxygen is present, bacteria can take hold in food. Wrap leftovers in aluminum foil so bacteria have plenty of room to invade and ruin … Read more

How Long Does an Open Bottle of Wine Last?

And find out what to do with the leftovers! After celebrating Christmas, standing chances are some unfinished wine bottles in your pantry or fridge. I just sit and wait to be used. But how long can they stay there and what could you do with the wine if you don’t want to drink the leftovers? … Read more

it is good to Rub vodka in your face?

When we think of vodka, we think of a typical Russian alcoholic beverage that can be used in many delicious cocktails. Or maybe drink it as is if you’re feeling adventurous. I’m not really thinking of using it as part of our skincare routine, but apparently, that’s exactly what you can use it for. Did … Read more

3 Simple Foods May Help Reduce Heartburn


You May Be Able To Reduce Your Heartburn With These Foods We all experience it from time to time: Heartburn That nasty one Burning in the esophagus and stomach can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are many different things that can help reduce or prevent heartburn, but you never know when it … Read more