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The amazing tricks to use rice water



So never throw away your rice water again! Nine out of ten people throw the water out of their rice after cooking it. Too bad as it turns out. the water you used to cook the rice for so many different things!

The next time you cook rice, pour the water into a glass or bowl instead of pouring it down the drain. Not regret! Instead of wasting rice water, you can use it for something else. Cosmetic product In Asia we have known for generations, but also in Europe we are beginning to recognize it: throwing away rice water is a waste.

This is because it is very easy to use as a cosmetic. The water you cook rice in is high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins B and E. It also contains something called pitera. It is a substance believed to prevent skin aging. You can also use rice water as a shampoo; is said to help reduce gray hair.

Time will tell if it actually works, but there’s no harm in trying, right? Rice water for the skin is also very suitable as a skin cleanser. Put some water on a cotton ball, rub it and moisten your skin. The vitamin B in the water stimulates the growth of new skin cells and reduces pores.

Fine lines on your face will disappear and you will have beautiful smooth skin. If that’s not a good reason not to throw away the water you cooked your rice in, we don’t know what is!

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