How to keep your bananas fresh

You can enjoy them longer.

Bananas are a delicious snack, breakfast or ingredient in a smoothie. But normally you don’t just buy a banana. You buy a lot. After all, some diet bananas spoil before you’ve even had a chance to eat them. If you eat bananas every day, that’s no problem for you. But for people who don’t; Find out how to keep your bananas fresh!

Cold, Dark, and Dry

If you have a bowl of fruit, consider adding bananas as well. After all, it’s a fruit, right? Oh well. But your bananas don’t want to be on display like that. They need a cool, dark, and dry place to live. If you think that’s why you should put them in the fridge, you’ll be disappointed. Although bananas like cool, dark places, they don’t like it when it’s too cold. If you put them in the fridge, they will spoil faster. Then put them in the locker. So you can enjoy your banana for a few more days Stretch wrap

If you want to make sure your banana isn’t overripe, you can wrap it in cling film. Just wrap the bottom of the banana in plastic wrap. If you cover the bottom of the banana, the ripening hormone can no longer spread. This means your banana cannot see through. If you’re wondering what’s under a banana; it is a rod. On the other side of the banana you will find a small black point. It is what is left of the banana flower that emerges from it. And that’s actually the top of the banana. Bananas grow from the stem upwards. And that lowers the bar. Surprising, right?

Overripe Banana

If your bananas tend to be brown and sad, there’s no need to throw them away. Just use them in a dish. For example ; Banana bread, in muffins or in a smoothie. Overripe or brown bananas may not be as tasty as a snack, but they sure are tasty as a banana snack. You can also freeze cupcakes or banana bread to enjoy them longer.

With these tips, you can eat all of the bananas on a diet before they go bad!

Away with the plastic bag

Bananas saved in plastic luggage ripen faster, so it’s simply one greater motive to toss the ones rubbish luggage on the grocery store. Instead, keep your bananas at room temperature in a cool, dark place to ensure they get cool, well-ventilated air. Bananas exposed to direct sunlight or near the stove will wilt and turn brown more quickly.

Separate them

When we buy bananas, they usually come in bundles. However, keeping the bunch together will result in all the bananas ripening at the same time. And you probably don’t eat all the bananas at once.

When you separate bananas, they ripen at different rates. This way you can eat the ripe ones first and let the others ripen later.

Store far from different fruits

As fruits ripen, they give off ethylene, a gas that accelerates the ripening process. This is particularly authentic for avocados, peaches, kiwis, apples, and tomatoes. When bananas are exposed to ethylene released by other fruits, they ripen faster. If your bananas are in a bowl with different fruits, separate them!

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