A simple trick to save iPhone battery

If you are an iPhone user, you are probably always looking for ways to save battery. And a change in newer iPhone models drains the battery. Learn which setting and how to turn it off so you can use your iPhone longer.

Get up to wake up

You’ll find the wake-up-to-wake feature on new iPhones and iPads, starting with iPhone X and iPad Pro (3rd generation). This feature was introduced because these models no longer have a “Home” button. Raise to wake is just a fancy new way to wake up your screen without that button. This is a useful feature if you want the screen to light up every time you pick up the phone. Then you can retrieve your messages immediately.

But this feature also consumes your phone’s battery. Alaa Negeda, senior solutions architect and IT professional at ALXTEL, told Yahoo! Life, « Since the screen is one of the most power-hungry components of the iPhone phone, the Raise to Wake feature can drain the iPhone battery.” And the screen lights up every time you pick up the phone. And sometimes even when you move it.

This means the screen can be turned on and off even when you’re not actively using your phone. your iPhone. Then go to “Display and Brightness”.

In this menu, you will find a switch next to Wake up. Flipping the switch to the off position disables the setting and only turns on the screen when you tap the screen or press your phone’s side button.

While Raise to Wake can save you from having to press a button to turn on the screen, disabling this feature will definitely save battery life!

Manage your lock screen

Since the screen is the enemy of the battery, you should also think about how to manage the phone screen auto-off time. You can do this under Display & brightness > Auto lock. If you tend to put your phone down without locking it, set it to a lower value so the battery can rest.
Introduced with iOS 16 is the ability to change the iPhone lock screen.While it may seem like a cool feature, widgets are tremendously powerful as they need constant updating to provide useful information. We recommend you stay away from fancy wallpapers and widgets to avoid draining your battery.
New to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is Always-On Display, which shows the time, widgets, and wallpaper when the phone is locked. While Apple has taken steps (opens in new window) to make sure you don’t use too much power, you can also turn it off in Settings > Display & Brightness and turn off Always On.

You can turn off location services

entirely by going to Settings > Privacy & security > Location services, and your phone will stop transmitting location data to these services. However, this will crash many useful applications.Your climate app does not recognise in which to get the brand new forecast, and also you can not ask Google for instructions primarily based totally in your modern location. If you don’t want to go to extremes, you can use Apple to control individual apps instead. The location services settings screen lets you customize how most apps use location data: never, ask next time or when sharing, while using the app, or always. For example, we recommend setting Google Maps to When using the app so that the app only reports your location when you really need it. If you need more battery life, we also recommend turning off the Find My app when sharing your location with friends and family. You can do this by selecting your name in Settings, then selecting Find > Find My iPhone, and then turning off the switch next to Find My iPhone.

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