How to Save Gasoline in 8 ways

Gas prices are a lot higher than we’ve been used to in months. So it makes sense that everyone tries to save as much fuel as possible. We have eight tips for you that will definitely help you.

8. Be careful and keep your distance

If you are constantly alert in traffic, you brake and accelerate less often. This saves a lot of fuel in the long run. Driving in the back seat can also cost you a lot of gas because you keep hitting the brakes. You can avoid this by keeping your distance in traffic.

7. Check your tire pressure

regularly While driving, the tire pressure of your car increases. It’s important to check your car’s tire pressure (or have it checked) regularly to make sure your tires can withstand the pressure. This is because you otherwise have to brake and accelerate more often (which costs more gas).

6. Don’t brake too hard

at a red light We talked about caution on the previous page. This applies not only to “driving alone”, but also when driving up to a red traffic light. By braking briefly at a red traffic light, you no longer need to brake hard afterwards. Save a lot of time. Gasoline and a lot of money!

5. Keep a constant speed

for as long as possible This can be tricky when you’re on the main road, but it’s definitely worth a try on country roads.Driving too speedy consumes gas unnecessarily. By driving at a constant speed for as long as possible, you can save up to 30% fuel.

4. Carry as little as possible

Even though you often think that the cargo on the back of your car doesn’t matter, it uses a lot more fuel. By only taking the essentials with you and leaving the rest at home, you can save big on gas. Also save a lot of towing!

3. Combine short trips

Just go shopping, buy extras for the holiday, pick up the kids from the sports club… We often take a lot of short trips by car. Try combining them. This not only saves time, but the car only has to be fully started once.

2. Turn on the air conditioning

as little as possible Cars generally use less gas in hot weather because they take less time to fully warm up. However, the benefits gained in this way can quickly fade as soon as the air conditioning is switched on. It is best to open your car windows a little more often and reserve the air conditioning only for motorway journeys.

1. Leaving the heating off

The same applies to heating in the car as to air conditioning: it makes for a pleasant environment, but it also costs a lot of gasoline. Try to turn on the heater in your car as little as possible. Is it really necessary? Then turn it on only when you are already driving. That saves a lot of heating time and gasoline.

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