How to Get Garlic Smell Off Your Hands

How to prevent your fingers from smelling ?

Garlic, we use it a lot. It adds more flavor to the food. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem if your hands smell a bit like garlic after using this perfume, but when you’re on a date, for example, it’s not very pleasant. Then it’s good to know how to get rid of garlic smell and we have the solution!

Coconut Oil :

Use coconut oil for this trick. Rub it between your hands as you normally would with soap. “Wash” your hands with coconut oil and then rinse them again with warm water. You will find that the smelly garlic smell is completely gone and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Skin care :

Rubbing your hands with garlic oil has another benefit of coconut.

Potatos :

Cut a potato in half, rub it on your hands, then wash with soap and cold water. Cook’s Illustrated staff tested and recommended using half a potato to remove garlic from a wooden cutting board, claiming that brown foods (like apples and potatoes) contain an enzyme (polyphenol oxidase) that “can oxidize sulfur compounds, including thiols and Thiocyanates, which give garlic its pungent odor and turn it into odorless compounds. If it works on wood, why not on human skin?,
websites are behind the hack.

Results: This method did almost nothing.

If that worked, it’s because I cut a potato in half with a stainless steel-handled knife (more on stainless steel below! Honestly, I give this method a generous A. I’m quite curious to try it on one though Wooden cutting board.

Coffee :

Pour a spoonful of coffee grounds into your palm, add a few drops of water and scrub your hands to exfoliate skin for 30 seconds. Then wash off with soap and cold water. Coffee grounds are a well-known odor absorber; Food & Wine even recommends drying used coffee grounds to reuse them to absorb odors in your fridge, kitchen cabinets and even the bathroom.

Results: Peeling Your Hands? Try it!

At first all I could smell was the coffee, but when I put my hand to my nose it was clearly equal parts garlic and coffee. It’s not a great combination, but my hands felt softer than usual, so that was a plus!

Rinse your hands with toothpaste and mouthwash.

toothpaste and mouthwash remove garlic hands just as well as garlic breath. Simply pour some mouthwash in one hand and some toothpaste in the other, rub for about 30 seconds and rinse. The same chemicals that help remove food particles from your teeth also affect your skin.

Try a squeeze of lemon

When life gives you lemons…use them to get rid of the garlic and onion smell! First check your hands for small nicks.The citric acid in the lemon will neutralize the odor compounds in the garlic, but it will also penetrate right into those cuts and make you forget about the garlic smell. Without a cut? Then just squeeze lemon in one hand, rub and apply, and voila!

Tomato juice

Tomato Juice is a classic remedy for removing strong odors from the skin. Cut a slice of fresh tomato or open a can of tomato juice and rub it over your skin. Rub your hands together very well to mask the garlic smell and remove it from your skin.

Hand sanitizer

A scented disinfectant can help remove and mask odors. Squirt a centimeter-sized amount of hand sanitizer into your hands and rub it in thoroughly. The disinfectant masks the garlic odor so it’s imperceptible.It may not completely remove the smell. Therefore, reapply disinfectant if you notice an odor again.