it is good to Rub vodka in your face?

When we think of vodka, we think of a typical Russian alcoholic beverage that can be used in many delicious cocktails. Or maybe drink it as is if you’re feeling adventurous. I’m not really thinking of using it as part of our skincare routine, but apparently, that’s exactly what you can use it for. Did … Read more

3 Simple Foods May Help Reduce Heartburn


You May Be Able To Reduce Your Heartburn With These Foods We all experience it from time to time: Heartburn That nasty one Burning in the esophagus and stomach can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are many different things that can help reduce or prevent heartburn, but you never know when it … Read more

This is the best way to store garlic

Many people can’t finish their meal without a clove of garlic, and they always have an onion in the kitchen. Although this fragrant food can be stored for months, it’s important to store the garlic bulb properly. This way you get the most out of the garlic and prevent it from becoming soft and losing … Read more

Coffee? When is the best time to have it?

  Should you drink coffee before or during breakfast? Many people start their day with a good cup of coffee. Some people cannot even function without them. But since coffee is also quite acidic, drinking it before breakfast might not be the best option for everyone. Find out when you should be drinking coffee in … Read more