How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed in those Steps

If only we knew sooner If your Wi-Fi – Fi -Signal is weak, which can cause a lot of frustration. It’s annoying when you’re trying to find something online, download photos, or stream a movie only to find that your internet connection is too slow. You can buy a WiFi repeater, but they can be quite expensive. Why, when DIY is cheap and easy! You don’t need to buy an incredibly expensive Wi-Fi repeater.


Why Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere , we can be online 24/7 We’re so used to accessing the internet that we can get quite frustrated when it’s slow or doesn’t reach every corner of our house. don’t like to wait while websites or videos load, then good WiFi has become essential for us. It’s all the more frustrating when our home WiFi isn’t running at the speed it should.

2.Slow WiFi

Background used to be called the ultimate relationship test, but in 2017 it wasn’t anymore as important as ever. Want to see someone’s deepest, darkest self? See how they try to work with weak and slow internet connection. Anyone who works on a computer every day knows who can get frustrated with a slow internet connection.Fortunately, there may be a completely clean manner to resolve this problem! Wow, you can use this trick to boost your WiFi signal in minutes!

3.Poor signal

Although we are fortunate to have Wi-Fi almost everywhere, the quality of these signals is not always at the best level. The signal quality on your device depends on your location and distance from your WiFi router. If your WiFi quality is not good enough and you don’t want to buy an expensive extender, try the following trick!


4. Low-budget solution

Do you urgently need a fast and strong WiFi internet connection -Signal? Don’t rush to the store to buy expensive equipment. There’s a much cheaper way to boost your Wi-Fi signal if it can be improved. The video below shows someone using an empty beer can to create a WiFi booster in just two minutes. This also shows us how the trick really works! All you need is a pair of scissors and an empty (clean!) beer (or soda) can. Check out the tutorial in the video below!

5. WiFi Extender

This is a great way to create your own WiFi extender. Make sure the coil you are using is dry and clean. Remove the label from the box and cut off the bottom of the box. Then start cutting off the tip, but don’t cut it all the way through. Cut the box on the side so it can be opened completely.

6.Using an Ethernet cable

Sometimes we forget: there are still cables! We don’t really, it’s in our name, but it has to be said: you don’t need WiFi. A wired connection to your router is faster and more stable than Wi-Fi and cannot be affected by other devices or large aquariums. The downside is that it limits the location of your devices and is less convenient. However, for hardware that needs the fastest possible Internet — a game console, desktop PC, or streaming box, for example — it’s often worth pulling a cable through.The router has a handful of Ethernet ports, so all you want is one cable.

7.Change channel or band

The Wi-Fi signal is divided into channels. Your router uses a specific Wi-Fi channel to communicate with devices in your home. If you have neighbors nearby who have routers using the same Wi-Fi channel, congestion can quickly set in. Changing the channel can solve this problem. Each router handles this differently. Check your documentation or search online for instructions if you’re not sure, but you should be able to find the option somewhere in your device’s settings. Channels 1, 6 and 11 should be tested as they show the least interference when multiple devices are connected.

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