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With these 3 tricks you can easily open all your jars



This will prevent plenty of problem and frustration! This has probably happened to you before: buying you a jar and when you need it you can’t open the jar. You blow and blow, but the lid doesn’t budge.If this has took place to you, you understand how irritating it may be. But with these tips, you can open any jar at any time! Simple Methods While some jars already have useful ways to make them easier to open, many jars have yet to be opened the old-fashioned way.

And since we’re all as good as the Hulk at opening jars, we rely on simple methods like this to always be able to open jars.


If you If you want to open a glass, you need friction. And your hands might be too slippery.Especially whilst you’ve got been seeking to open a jar for extra than ten mins and your arms are sweaty.Then placed on a rubber glove and attempt to open the jar like this. You will find that you have a better grip and may find it easier to open the jar. If you don’t have rubber or latex gloves, you can use a damp cloth. Slightly dampen a towel, wrap it around the lid of the jar and try to open it.

2. Hot Water

Another method that may work is using hot water. Simply hold the glass under warm running water. Make sure the water covers the entire pot. Under the influence of the water heat, the lid comes off and you can turn it. You can also use this method by placing the jar upside down in a small bowl of warm water. Leave to soak, then remove the glass. The heat loosens the lid and opens it easily.

3.Other tips

If the above methods are too difficult for you, you can also force the lid off. p Just touch the bottom of the glass several times while holding it in your hand. This will build up the pressure under the lid and you can break the seal. You can also break the seal by sticking a flat object like a butter knife under the rim of the lid like a pry bar and lifting it up. With these tricks, everyone will come to you when they need to open their jars.And you may experience invincible!

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