This is signs it’s time to replace your sponge

We all know we can’t use the same sponge forever.

As a rule, it is advisable to replace the sponge frequently. According to The Spruce, you should discard the sponge after two to four weeks of use. However, some signs may indicate that it’s time to replace the sponge beforehand. Time. See below for more information.


One of the signs that should prompt you to get rid of the sponge is its smell. Because the sponge gets wet frequently, it’s susceptible to things like mildew and mold stains. And that stinks. Any time you notice a sour smell emanating from your sponge, it’s time to throw it out. Because you don’t want to clean your kitchen with a moldy sponge!

2. Condition

Does your sponge look like it’s had one winter too many? If your sponge is basically falling apart, you might want to invest in a new one. Your house with a completely spent sponge will not be as effective. So if you want to clean effectively, get rid of that tired old sponge!

3. Appearance

Your sponge will never look the same as when you bought it. But if your sponge is discolored and has some questionable marks, then maybe you should say goodbye to that sponge. It is perfectly normal for your sponge to have spots. But these stains are usually easy to rinse off.

If the stains don’t come out, throw away the sponge and get a new one.

4. Time

Sometimes it’s just time to say goodbye. And when you don’t remember more about it When you last changed your sponge, it’s probably really time to change your sponge. So just to save, throw away your sponge.

Start over and mark your calendar as a reminder. This way you will never clean your house with a sponge full of mold and bacteria.

And if you really love your sponge, try to keep it long! Store it in a well-ventilated place. Don’t leave it in the sink and don’t hide it in the back of your closet.


5.The sponge took on an acrid smell

“Although the sponge looks good, you can tell by the smell that it’s old,” Jeri said. “Odor can often be more noticeable than stains. Like all textiles that remain damp for a long time, sponges can become mouldy. If you start smelling very sour sponge cake, throw it out immediately and replace it. It keeps your kitchen fresh and prevents your guests from eating on forks that have been scrubbed with a moldy sponge.

6.The sponge is clearly discolored or stained

“The only way to usually tell if a sponge is ready to be replaced is by looking at it,” explains Jeri. “Stains from dishes or cleaning residue should wash off relatively easily. If the sponge retains stains even after thorough rinsing, you can replace it with a new one.

7.The sponge collapses or collapses

If you’re a serious geek using a lot of elbow grease, your sponge may start breaking before other signs of aging show up. Wearing out the sponge simply reduces its effectiveness, so replace your sponges before they break

8.This will increase the life of the sponge

Store the sponge in a well-ventilated place. Do not leave the sponge at the bottom of the sink or force it into the cleaning container. Like all substances, sponges need air for ventilation, otherwise they will develop mold after just a few uses.

Consider purchasing an inexpensive sponge holder that attaches to the side of the sink and will help your sponge dry quickly after use.

Make sure you always choose the right sponge for the job at hand.When scrubbing a crusted baking sheet, choose a scrubbing pad over a soft sponge. This prevents excessive use of the sponge and its exhaustion too quickly.

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