The weird trick is to boil lots of hard-boiled eggs without boiling them!

Do you like eating hard-boiled eggs on a regular basis? We love eggs for breakfast or lunch; splendid! Eggs are rich in protein and provide us with a lot of energy. If you regularly boil several hard-boiled eggs at the same time, for example, to prepare meals or for a party, this hack is perfect for you! This method will give you a lot of hard-boiled eggs very quickly! Here’s how: Preheat the oven to 160°C (320F). Place the eggs in the muffin tin, making sure they’re all done in separate compartments. Place the muffin tin withinside the preheated oven and “cook”

the eggs for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, cast off the eggs from the oven and right now area them in a bowl of bloodless water. You’ll have twelve soft-boiled eggs without even using the oven! Flavor You might think these eggs don’t taste like my trusty eggs cooked in real water. It’s true that these baked eggs taste a little creamier than the hard-boiled eggs you’re familiar with. But maybe you prefer this flavor! The next time you make a big egg salad for the whole family, try baking eggs in the oven! Storage You can store hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator for about a month, so you’ll have plenty of time to cook eggs just once a week, and there’s always an egg ready for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack during the week.

Let me guess:

You’ve probably tried a million ways to cook the perfect easy-to-peel egg, only to stand over the garbage for hours in disappointment and frustration, trying to peel that damn egg and end up with a lumpy one instead Having egg , a torn mess . We’ve all been through that.

Here’s what you’ve probably felt in the past. Have you tried putting eggs in cold water, boiling them for a while, and leaving them covered? Or tried putting baking soda in boiling water. Used an ice bath to “shake” eggs in their shell. Or maybe you’ve even tried the fancy “Eggtractor” from TV for peeling eggs. Old eggs, new eggs, brown eggs, white eggs… Nothing seems to work.


The simple secret to easy peeling of eggs is to add a special ingredient to the boiling water. You are ready? It will seem strange but I assure you it works… ADD OIL IN WATER!Either canola oil, vegetable oil or every other sort of oil. Just add a spoonful of water and you have easy-to-peel eggs every time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiling Eggs

Can I make them cute? Light! Just cook them less. Try medium for 10 minutes, for mild between 3 and 6 minutes depending on how runny you want the yolk to be. Be very gentle when peeling them.

Can I dye these eggs? Good question. My first thought was that the paint wouldn’t hold well due to the oil, one reader commented below that she was able to get the paint to stick after patting it dry with a paper towel! way to follow!

Are there other easy ways to peel eggs?Cooking with oil is my favorite way to easily peel eggs every time, but steaming them in a steamer basket over boiling water instead of soaking them is my second favorite method. At the same time – 13 minutes of boiling water!)

Should I use old or new eggs? Some people claim that using old eggs instead of new ones helps them shell more easily – I wasn’t claiming that was true, at least for this method.

If your eggs are old, the yolk may have sunk to the bottom of the eggs, making it difficult to use for devil eggs and the like.Old or new eggs will work with this.

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