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great ways to use petroleum jelly



It’s more than just a moisturizer!

The very recognizable blue and white glass that’s in almost everyone bathroom shelf, It’s perfect for dry hands in cold weather. But there are other uses for yellow cream that you might never have thought of. Read on to discover seven other uses for petroleum jelly.

Split ends Cold

weather doesn’t just mean cold hands and feet, it’s also bad for your hair: it’s split-end and frizzy, tangled hair season.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive conditioners to keep your hair moisturized – a little petroleum jelly on the ends will help get rid of unwanted breakage and split ends. Look healthy all winter long!

Perfume protection

If you like to smell great but hate having to put on perfume or cologne every few hours, you will you love it If you smear your skin with a little Vaseline before spraying, the cream will prevent the perfume from penetrating the skin. This means the perfume lasts longer and you don’t have to reapply it to feel the floral freshness.

Squeaky Hinges

Are squeaky doors driving you crazy? No longer! So that the hinges do not creak, you can put some petroleum jelly on them. Ideal if you don’t have WD-40 handy.

This will solve the problem of squeaking and squeaking, thus protecting your sanity.

Stains on Shoes

To remove a stain from the soles of your shoes, use petroleum jelly. The sole can ruin your new loafers. Putting some petroleum jelly on the stain can clean the shoe and keep it looking like new.


If you don’t often wear earrings, put ears in a nice one Couple going out can be a problem. Especially if it’s been a while since you last wore them.

Vaseline is your friend:

Putting some Vaseline on your earlobes before putting on your earrings will make the ordeal that much more comfortable. can be a bit of a hassle: the polish gets stuck inside or outside the bottle, making it difficult to screw the ‘s cap on or off. If you put some petroleum jelly on the rim of the bottle, you will have no problem opening the bottle next time you use it. Another amazing way Vaseline can help you avoid frustration. Peeling Finally, Vaseline can also be used as a skin


All you need is a jar of Vaseline and some sea salt. You don’t have to buy expensive scrubs to get silky smooth skin.

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