how to clean your jewelry without any damage

Your Jewelry Stays Shiny and Sparkling When you wear your jewelry every day, your choker, ring, cufflink, watch or earrings can look a little dull and flimsy. Luckily, there are ways to keep your   jewelry looking fresh and sparkling again. Tableware, brand or titanium, brand or titanium that has tarnished over time, there is
an easy way to fix it if you like jewelry made from tableware. All you need is a coliseum with water, some dish soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Simply add dishwashing detergent to the coliseum of water, dip your jewelry in and gently scrub with your toothbrush.

Next, wash the jewelry in lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. However, your rings, chokers or earrings will look brand new! If you let the jewelry dry on a piece of paper for many hours. Clasps or diamonds Some pieces of jewelery are adorned with clasps and diamonds. The fangs are really delicate and you shouldn’t use cleaning inventory on them.

So if you want to clean the clasps, you can do so with a soft, damp cloth. Diamonds need to be pitted constantly (usually within a month) as they continue to darken continuously. You clean a diamond just like crockery, titanium or branded jewelry with water, a little washing-up liquid and a toothbrush. Wash the diamond in fresh water, brush with a soft toothbrush, dampen and dry with a soft cloth. Your diamonds will shine again!

Drawing jewelry Jewelry requires a little expert knowledge; The pulling system depends on the type of rock to be cleaned. The final jewelry can be cored with a soft toothbrush or a soft cloth (not water with dishwashing liquid). Some gems like aquamarine, amethyst, labradorite or barracuda’s eye are really fragile and should only be eviscerated with water. Polishing However, if your goldware or jewelry has become extremely dull and fine, you can use a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry looking new. First clean your jewelry according to the above styles and also polish it with your polishing cloth.

Just be careful not to wash the polishing cloth in the washing machine as this will remove the polishing substance that is on the cloth.

When it comes to cleaning any sort of jewelry, what not to use is equally as important as what to use. “The most important thing to note about gold jewelry,” Gray says, “is that it should never be cleaned with anything harsh such as toothpaste, baking soda or any kind of powered cleaner. These types of products are known to scratch metals.”

Gray explains that tarnish occurs “when the surface of the metal goes through a chemical change, resulting in a discoloration.” While you can clean dirt and buildup that creates a dull appearance on metal jewelry using a mild soap and water, tarnish cannot be washed off.

Keeping diamonds and other gemstones like emeralds, rubies or sapphires looking sparkly can be done in a number of ways, but if you’re really serious about your gems, Chan recommends investing in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine, which he says “are very affordable nowadays,” for at-home use.

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